Meet the Team


Clair Swinton

I have worked in special education for 14 years and have taught pupils in EYFS right up to KS3. I have a degree in Early childhood and Education studies which I followed with a PGCE. Most recently I completed my Masters Award in Education where my assignments focused on SEN provision. My final dissertation allowed me to do extensive research about reading and writing for pupils with Down Syndrome and how best to support them. I am currently completing the National SENDCO award. I have a passion for teaching and learning and aim for this to reflect in my practice in supporting inclusion for all pupils in all settings.


Becky Houltby

I’m Becky and I have worked at St Francis School for 30 years and I have loved every moment of it. I initially trained as a TA completing City and Guilds and NVQ qualifications. I have also completed a foundation degree at Bishop Grotesque University in Learning Support. Over the years I have been mainly involved  in working with the younger pupils in school and I am really passionate about ensuring we give them all the best chances they can have to communicate and learn. I am a research driven practitioner and have completed lots of courses in relation to AAC, AT and working with pupils with complex needs. Working for PD Outreach one day a week allows me to bring my knowledge and passion to support pupils in mainstream settings.


Mandi Baptist

I’m Mandi, I’ve worked at St Francis for 17 years now and fifteen of those years in PD Outreach. I love the variety of my role and especially the inspiring children that I meet. Over this time, I had made the most of the opportunities to gain many qualifications in children’s development, assistive technology and moving and handling. My background is that I trained as a nurse in adult nursing, mental health and went on to teach nurses. During my nursing career I worked on children’s, adult surgical/medical, theatre, mental health admissions wards. As a clinical tutor I taught mainly about pressure area care. I am a parent of a feisty young woman with a physical disability. This gives, me the unique position of “seeing things from both sides”, I hope that parents can talk to me about any of the problems that they face. I provide training in moving and handling, personal care and disability awareness. I can teach bespoke courses relating to a specific physical disability. My aim is to allow children and young people to take part in any activity by reducing the risk to as low as possible. “Where they is a will there is a way”.


Laura Miles

I’m Laura and I have worked at St Francis for 9 years and have taught from EYFS to KS3. I have a degree in Early Childhood and Education Studies which then followed with a PGCE in primary education. Throughout my time at St Francis I have worked with many dual placement pupils and have established good relationships with their mainstream schools and supported them with their learning in both settings. I am always eager to improve my own professional development and aim to share my knowledge and passion for learning working one day a week with outreach.


George Tucker

I have been teaching for 11 years, working in special schools for the entire time. Most of my teaching has been working with children with complex additional needs and autism, I have also spent some time working in a residential setting for students with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs. I have a degree with QTS in Primary Education and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education for teaching children on the autism spectrum. I am a regional lead trainer for the Engagement Model and an onsite lead trainer for Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention (NAPPI), which is an approach to positive behaviour support for people of all ages with learning disabilities. I strongly believe in offering opportunity to all young people so that they may succeed in living a fulfilled life and become a valued member of their community.