PD Outreach

We offer support to Lincolnshire Primary, Secondary and Special Schools who are seeking to include pupils with physical disabilities. This includes pupils in transition at each stage. Our Outreach team has a wealth of experience in teaching and supporting pupils with physical disabilities. Liaising with NHS Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Services, we offer support, advise and associated training in the assessment of needs and provision. For more information, please see leaflet below.


What's the cost?...

Our services are free to Lincolnshire schools. This includes all visits and most training. Moving and handling training is £75 per person and these are run frequently throughout the year. Although we can loan equipment and possibly software for up to 6 weeks for trial purposes, expenditure on software and equipment for long-term use should be met from individual school’s special needs budgets or other funding.


How can we help?..

How do we get involved?...

Initial Contact

Give us a ring, drop us an email or speak to any member of the team. Please bear in mind the pupil must have a profound physical disability. This does not include dyspraxia and hypermobility or ASD unless alongside a physical disability.



Complete Referrals

If we haven’t visited the relevant pupil before, we will send you (or you can download from the St Francis school website) a permission form to be signed by parents/guardians and an initial contact form to be completed by school staff with the details regarding the pupil’s condition and needs (ideally including relevant reports from other professionals) and the school’s desired outcomes for the pupil (based on the service we offer). 


Once we have received the signed permission forms, we will confirm whether the pupil falls within the remit of our service  and if so one or more of the team will arrange to visit the pupil or signpost you to other services if needed.




When we visit we would like to observe the pupil and work with the pupil, 1:1, class teacher and/or SENCO to create an action plan which can be used to measure progress.  We expect that evidence will be provided based on these goals and we will review it after a period of time. This may involve us loaning you equipment and providing training.


Follow Up

We will follow up the action plans and set new targets where required. We will continue to support you for as long as needed. Many of our pupils remain on our books for many years due to the challenging and changing nature of their needs.  We will contact once a term to check if any support is required and are available by phone or email, any time.



Who are we?...

Mandi Baptist

  • Moving & Handling
  • Care Needs
  • Parental Support
  • Risk Assessments



Carla Nicholson

  • AAC Support
  • Assistive Technology
  • Curriculum Support
  • Assessment Support 



Becky Houtby

  • Early Years Support
  • AAC Support
  • Assistive Technology




Clair Swinton

  • Curriculum Support
  • Primary Support
  • Early Years Support




Sign Post...





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