Rotational boarding is offered to all young people as they move up through school into Upper School. The residential area is open during school term time and pupils stay for two nights a week. Boarding at school is always in great demand. Pupils go on a waiting list when parents and pupil have expressed an interest in this opportunity. Boarding is also available to young people who travel a great distance from the age of 12 upwards. This boarding is regular for two nights a week and forms part of the EHCP. A questionnaire called “About Me” is given to each young person before they join the Residential Area. This is for the young person to complete with the help of their parents/guardians. All of the information received is built into a personal care plan enabling Residential Care Officers to gain as much knowledge of the young person before they start. Helping the young person who is to become a boarder feel more at home within their new setting and allowing a care plan to be put together to ensure all the care needs of the young person are met appropriately.


The residential area is inspected on an annual basis by Ofsted inspector/s against the National Minimum Standards for Residential Special Schools and if your son / daughter is boarding at this time both yourself and your son / daughter may receive a questionnaire or a phone call from the inspecting body about their stay. Our Ofsted inspection reports for the Residential area and school can be viewed online at The last residential inspection was in November 2019 and the outcome was, ‘Good'


Student Voice...

The Principle Residential Care Officer holds meetings at the beginning of each term to ensure that the pupils know the fire procedure and have had the opportunity to express choices for local outings, and the evening activities they would like to take part in during the various clubs they attend, also to ensure that they know that if they need to talk about any problems that there is always someone available.


There is a suggestion box for input from the young people regarding anything they feel would improve their residential time or something they would like to discuss at a meeting with everyone regarding the residential experience. Meetings are held through the term. We have appointed Residential Prefects who hold meetings and give the young people a voice.



We believe at St Francis School that we can offer a truly inclusive curriculum that extends beyond the school day ensuring the residential time complements and augments outcomes for the young people. Boarding enables pupils to build on their independence and social skills within the 24 hour curriculum. Residential care officers work with the students supporting them through their learning of independence skills, socializing, cooking, personal care. Residential targets are chosen to enable them to work on their life skills.


For young people with Social Communication Difficulties it is essential they have access to many, varied and fun activities in which there is also the opportunity to practice the skills acquired across the school day and learn to transfer them into their every day life.


The young people have access in the evening to regular stimulating , interesting and challenging activities including :  Art, Sports and a Youth Club, as well as the opportunities of outings in the local community of Bowling, eating out etc.



The accommodation comprises of three areas, boys / girls and also a communal area. Within each area there is a lounge in which to relax with. Each of the areas has single bedrooms and shared bedrooms for two to three young people. Each area has a well equipped bathroom with a wet room shower.


A breakfast/dinning room allows young people to prepare snacks and drinks in the evening. A phone is available for out-going calls, in-coming calls can also be taken on this phone, it can also be used hands free phone, for both pupils to phone out or receive calls from parents during the evenings. In the communal area there are comfy chairs, sofas to relax in together. A large wall mounted TV with a Wii game / DVD to play on.



The Principle Residential Care Officer oversees the smooth running of the Residential area of which there are eleven Residential Care Officers covering various shifts. Each pupil will have a residential care officer as their Key worker.


Up to twelve pupils stay over each night with the numbers dependent on the level of care needs of each individual young person.  A nurse is available in the evening and there is an awake U.L.H.T. nurse on duty each night along with an awake Residential Care Officer. All the residential care staff have a wide range of skills, experience and qualifications to meet the needs of the young people and have ongoing updates to match pupils needs who come to board. Residential Care Officers work together as a team to ensure the pupils stay safe, happy and build on their skills through the 24 hour curriculum.



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