Lower School

Our aim is to plan and provide activities and experiences that help children to make progress in their development and learn in a stimulating, fun, positive and supportive environment. We currently deliver a topic based curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and tailor it to the needs of our children. Engagement, motivation and thinking skills are at the heart of our curriculum in lower school and children are provided with opportunities for play and exploration, being active in their learning along with tasks which will develop creative and critical thinking. The EYFS framework now incorporates Prime and Specific areas.


The Prime Areas are: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development. The Specific areas include essential skills and knowledge for children to participate successfully in society and these include: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.


We also have a particular focus on communication, access to the curriculum and mobility, and continue to work towards the children becoming as independent as possible. We aim to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum through a termly topic that is matched to the children's individual abilities. Physiotherapy, occupational and speech and language therapies are also integrated throughout the school day.


An EYFS Learner...

We recognise the importance of Early Years education in preparing children for future learning and life experiences and in building on what children already know and can do.  We offer a curriculum which ensures that no child is excluded or disadvantaged, offers a structure with a range of starting points, with content that matches the needs of young children and activities that provide opportunities for learning both indoors and outdoors that provides a rich and stimulating environment.


Our curriculum on entry to the school encompasses the 7 Early Learning Goals within the EYFS framework and is also based around the four areas of the EHCP:



Communication, Cognition, Physical and Sensory and Social and Emotional.


When moving on from EYFS your child will then have access to either of the two curriculums below. 


A Semi-Formal Curriculum Learner...

Students from Y1 to Y6 that are able to access a semi-formal curriculum are placed in the appropriate classes together. These are learners that are making progress working at P4 upwards. The curriculum is designed to include English and Maths, alongside a range of other subjects, to give functionality and context to their learning. There is a broad, balanced timetable that allows the encouragement of social interaction alongside learning.   

A Pre-Formal Curriculum Learner...

Students from Y1 to Y6  who have severe and profound learning difficulties follow our Pre-formal Curriculum. It is designed to support the engagement and learning of pupils’ working between P1-P4. The curriculum has been created to enable an individualised approach that allows practitioners to draw on pupils’ individual interests and strengths. Although the curriculum is based around the areas of Communication and Engagement, Cognition and Exploration , Physical and Sensory and Social and Emotional we adopt a cross curricular approach throughout the school day.