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Tall Ships 2014


My Tall Ships Experience

By Jack Thompson


Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to be chosen to do a 6 day voyage with the Jubilee Sailing Trust. So on the 13th of October I travelled down to Southampton, joined by Sam McCardell who acted as my “buddy” throughout the trip. On arrival at Southampton docks, I joined a ship named Tenacious as a member of the voyage crew.

This meant that for the next 6 days I would be doing everything, from cleaning toilets to steering the ship! I was then assigned to a group, otherwise known as a “watch” which meant that I would be working very closely with these people over the duration of the trip. We were then shown to our cabin and given our watch cards. This had our shift times on it, which were very varied and shared between the four watch groups; my watch group was Forward Starboard.

We then had to take part in a 2 hour briefing, before we could set sail…This covered general health and safety, fire evacuation and the Do’s and Don’ts of the ship. After this, the captain talked us through the route we would be taking and where we would be stopping etc.

 We spent most of our days, when we weren’t on shift either pulling ropes, which was very tiring, going up the rigging/mast which was incredibly scary but, most importantly we had loads of fun…I would do it again in a heartbeat!


Massive thanks to Mr McCardell and St Francis School for making it possible!